Chopta Trek-A Short Himalayan trek

Chopta Trek

Chopta Chandrashila trek has become a popular trek owing to its spiritual and mountaineering significance. It is a hike which can be accessible by road, therefore, it receives tonnes of tourists, pilgrims, adventure lovers, mountain lovers, bikers and trekkers. But the real thrill of hiking to the top is not comparable to the missed joy by road journeys.

The trek begins from Sari village of Uttarkashi district. Once you board in the pickup vehicle from Rishikesh, it is a long drive to the base village. But you will be happily surprised by the landscapes seen right from the Base Village. You won’t believe but the summit of Chandrashila top is visible right from your guest houses. Well, that is a big booster for the big hiking upwards. Being popular means it has the leisure of well-paved trails or stairs through the trail.

After Sari, until Deoriatal lake there is a well-marked trail of tiles and is covered with Rhododendrons. Deoriatal is an alpine lake that is perfectly placed where reflections of the distant Chaukhamba peak can be spotted. The lake enhances the excellence of the camping place near the lake. Chaukhamba peak is visible big and clear from henceforth, always on the left of the trail.

The day after Deoriatal to the Chopta camping place is all about long walking on a flat route under dense forest cover. It is an adventure of its own to stroll in the Himalayan forests. After long endured hours tent stay will be at Chopta. From here you will various vehicles parked for the Tungnath darshan.

The climb up to Tungnath is all stairways decorated with Rhododendrons. If you notice the colour of flowers fades as the height increases. Tungnath is a mindblowing temple location between mountains and its a remarkable scene. Tungnath is one of the lingas of the 12 Jyotirlingas. The trek does not end here, it is another 2-3 hours climbing to the Chandrashila top.

Once you arrive at the Chandrashila top you will be on a different planed with an infinite pool of mountains waiting for you. It is an exceptional sight where huge peaks are seen directly in eyesight line. Chandrashila is the climax of the Chopta trek where entire Garwahl range with its highest peaks is right in front of you. The return journey will be cut short by a vehicle ride from Chopta to the drop point ie going back to Rishikesh. 

How long is Chopta Trek?

The Chandrashila summit trekwhich may be journeyed all throughout the year, is taken into account together with the moderate treks within the Indian Himalayan region that’s located in Uttarakhand. The duration of the trial is approximately 3-6 days.

Is the Tungnath trek difficult?

Tungnath trek is brief and straightforward , which runs parallel to the high-altitude Himalayan Treks. During this hiking, one can enjoy a transparent view of the majestic peaks of Panchchuli, Nanda Devi , Nilkanth, and Kedarnath.

How long is Tungnath Trek?

The trek to the height is 5 km. The trek route that starts from Chopta takes one to Tungnath (highest Shiva temple within the World), from here it’s a kilometer long, and a steep trek. Though shorter in distance, steep climbing makes this trek rigorous.

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